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Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hot Topic - Celebrate your inner punk
Hot Topic, the site that spawned our beloved Torrid, has always struck me as a little too goth/punk for my tastes. I never really looked much at their merchandise, instead making opinions from their store front and homepage - and thought it wouldn't be right for me.

But I was wrong! Hot Topic's womens plus size stuff is actually really cute. Ok, so a lot of it has skulls or pirates on it. But so does the stuff at H&M, it's kind of a hot look right now. So I suggest that even if you don't have a pierced lip or black hair, that you rock out with some funky stuff from Hot Topic. Here are some of my fave pieces:

Plus Sizes For Women at Hottopic.comPlus Sizes For Women at
Plus Sizes For Women at Hottopic.comPlus Sizes For Women at

All T-Shirts pictured are on sale for $18


  • At 12:03 PM, Blogger NiNi said…

    Teal and black is one of my absolute FAVORITE color combos.


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