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Beauty Plus Power
Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The BEST Stuff for Fall
Ladies, A lot of you complain to me in my emails, or on message boards that I read, about how plus size clothing sucks. I know that is harder to find good plus size clothes than it is to find stuff in the straight size stores. But I also know that if you use our Shopping Directory and especially the new ShopNow feature on our site, you can find some really amazing plus size clothes. Here are just a few of the things I found for you this week:

A Super cute party Outfit:
Eduardian Jacket from Newport News at
Vintage Style Lace Top from Pacific Plex at Amazon.comPrinted A-line by Newport News at

Some hot jackets for fall:
Anne Klein Suede Jacket at Nordstrom.comTrench Style Coat from Lane BryantLauren by Ralph Lauren Leather Jacket at

Ok ladies - isn't that proof positive that we've got some hot clothes to wear? Now go out and buy stuff, to prove to people that if they make us these clothes, we'll really spend our money on them!


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