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Monday, April 10, 2006

The most comfortable formal dress I've ever worn
Satin Dreams gown by IgigiLast year I had to attend my friend Cristina's wedding not too terribly long after I had broken my leg. I was still using a cane at this point (but it was hot pink, how fab is that?) and wearing a brace, so it was pretty hard to walk. I ended up being so fortunate then that the dress I had chosen to wear ended up being so comfortable that I felt like I was wearing my pajamas. The best part is that I looked ultraglamorous, could wear a normal bra with it instead of a strapless, and it made my boobs look fantastic.

The dress is called the "Satin Dreams" gown and is made by Igigi. It comes in a variety of colors. I have it in black, but they make it in red, silver, lilac and taupe. Each color has a different dress title, so you may have to browse through their dress selection to find the one you want. The dress costs $165 and is worth every penny. Since the dress is fitted in the bust and then flares out, use your bust measurement to figure out what size you will need it in.


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