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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No excuses workouts
Many of you may know about my journey to get my body in better physical shape, regardless of what size I was. If you want to read more about the reasons why, click here and then check out my entry from February 13th. In the pursuit of being more fit, I started working out at the gym in my building. It's not much of a gym, just a few elliptical machines, treadmills, exercise bikes and weights, but it was enough to help make a pretty big change in my body (to date: 35 pounds lost, 5 inches off my hips, arm muscles you can actually see when I flex, and the ability to walk for miles without getting tired!!!).

A lot of readers wrote me to say they wanted to get more fit too, but weren't sure they could swing the cost of a monthly gym membership, or that they were too self conscious to work out around others, or didn't have the time to get to a gym because of kids, or schedules or whatever. So here are a few of my favorite fitness tips and products to get you active right in your house!

1)Jump Rope - Seriously a kick ass workout! A 180 pound woman could burn more than 800 calories jumping rope for an hour. But you need to have a very supportive sports bra to do so!

2)Carmen Electra's Striptease Aerobics - Not only a good workout, but you learn some sexy moves. It's fun and not too hard to follow, and I definitely burned calories while learning to dance for my man.

3)Free weights - The set I recommended here is a set of 2 5lb weights, which is the minimum I recommend you start with. Try 2 sets of 15 and see if you can do it. I am up to about 10-12lb weights now and have some nice upper arm definition to show it, although I still have "bat wings".

4)Exercise Ball - This is awesome for crunches, or put it against a wall on the level with your lower back and then use it to do squats. There are so many ways to have a great workout with this.

The most important thing is just to get your body moving! It will make you feel awesome, or at least it does for me, now that I've really followed through with it. I've been working out at least 3 days a week for the last year and half to the amazement of everyone who knew me as a completely lazy inactive person, so it can be done! Smooches, Lisa


  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger dreamsthatsparkle said…

    Where's a good find for a "very supportive bra"? I have a couple of "sports bras" from Avenue (from a few yrs ago), but they aren't supportive at all! Just the thought of it discourages me from going to the gym sometimes.


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