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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Planning Ahead - Swimsuits
My husband I just booked a trip to Belize for this summer and of course I've now become fixated on the need for summery clothes and swimsuits. I was perusing the selection available now, which really isn't bad! Winter is a popular travel season to warm climates, so retailers need to have some items available. Here are a few bathing suits I am considering for the trip:

A new swimsuit:
Nordstrom SwimsuitAlloy Swimsuit

On the left is the Miraclesuit "Rock the Croc"
iconSwimsuit, $144 at Nordstrom. I think the pattern is very cute and could also be forgiving in the belly area. The suit on the right is Alloy Ring Front One Pieceicon which is a lot more affordable at $49.99. My only concern would be the possibly funny ring tan line.

Lane Bryant SwimsuitLane Bryant Swimsuit 2

The suit on the left is the Lane Bryant Balconette Swim Top
icon, which is $59.50. I think this would be the most flattering of all the suits because it's actually got a real bra top in it and that is my number one complaint in swimsuits - not getting the support I want. The suit on the left is also Lane Bryant, Retro One Piece Swimsuiticon, $99.50. This is a really sexy suit, very retro and I think would popular with the hubby.

Which one should I buy????


  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Bunni said…

    Cute picks! I'm partial the retro swimsuit. I'm adding it to my wishlist


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