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Friday, November 06, 2009

Kenley Collins: Now in Plus Sizes!
Do you love Project Runway like I do? Remember Kenley Collins? She was a finalist in Season 5 who had a tough attitude and a fun vintage sensibility to her clothes. Although she was sometimes a bit too outspoken (she talked back to Tim Gunn, who does that?) she was also clearly a passionate person and designer who had great style - and it showed in her own wardrobe, which you can see in her collection.

She has her own website: and I have been following her on Twitter @kenleycollins ever since I learned that she had a plus size line in the works. It's now available on her website, and I was very excited to see that she didn't create some kind of alternate plus collection but just sized up her current season's garments in plus. All the pieces in her collection seem to be for sale up to size 24.

Here are a few faves:


Left: Silk Organza Dress, $345
Right: Floral Print Top, $215

We've listed Kenley's site in the Beauty Plus Power plus size shopping Directory in the "Retro" category :Kenley Collins store listing on

Should we add her to the Trendy category also, or do you think we should just keep her in Retro? I'm torn!


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