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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kaycee Stroh - Celebrity Fit Club - Why?

I'll admit, I like watching reality weight loss shows. The Biggest Loser in particular is quite compelling, I like seeing people learn that they are strong enough to conquer their weight issues. I always think they get too skinny at the end to try and win... but overall I think it helps a lot of people on the show and off.

Celebrity Fit Club is another weight loss show I watch although I don't find it particularly inspiring. It's primarily comprised of B or C level celebs who have fallen into a slump, both professionally and well, physically. A lot of them are former skinnies - I think they've had at least 2 former Baywatch babes and some 80s rockers. They've been promoting the most recent season recently and one of the celebrities is Kaycee Stroh.

Kaycee's major claim to fame is a supporting role in the High School Musical movies. I've never seen the films, but I keep an eye out for plus size celebs. She has been a model for Torrid (what young plus size celeb hasn't??) and has always appeared looking cute and fashionable. While I have no issue with anyone trying to get healthier (and that can often involve losing weight - I've done that myself), I can't help but feel a little dissapointed that she is going on this show.

Kaycee isn't a former skinny trying to reach the looks of her golden years. She entered the scene as a plus size woman, and to change that changes her. It's a tough situation - one part of me wants her to be able to chose to be whatever size she wants to be, whether its a 4 a 14 or a 24. Another part of me feels that celebrities who gain their fame as plus size women, and become role models for other plus size women, do have a certain kind of responsibility. Sucks, I know and kind of hypocritical of me too. But I can't help but think it.

Your thoughts?


  • At 5:03 PM, Anonymous RM said…

    I'm somewhat surprised by my reaction to this post. Like you, I do feel a bit conflicted, although I wholly disagree that just because someone "enters the scene" as a "plus-size" she should stay that way because she has a duty to others. I 100% believe in fat acceptance; however, I also truly believe that we each should strive to be healthy and happy, which is very personal. I think what happens, though, in these situations is that perhaps plus-sized fans feel a bit left behind and somehow interpret Kaycee's own personal choice as her saying that fat is not ok.

    I think we should all be supportive of anyone's endeavor to be healthy, whatever that means to her. No matter what, even though we applaud people's efforts, I think it is still hard for us to watch other people lose weight and succeed when we are struggling. Maybe this is part of why we feel conflicted.


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