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Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, January 10, 2010

V Magazine Sneak Peak
By now I am guessing you've read about the upcoming plus size issue of cutting edge fashion magazine V. V calls itself a magazine about "Fashion with a capital F". This upcoming issue, the F could stand for.... (no, not fat!) Fluffy. Or fabulous. It's filled with sexy pictures of beautiful plus size models, shot in cutting edge fashion spreads.

I've been reading tons of articles online about the upcoming issue, most of which are complaining for one reason or another. There are those who have issue with a shoot comparing the same fashions on a plus and straight size model (and the plus model is gorgeous top model Crystal Renn). I think the comparison is lovely and thought provoking, whereas the critcism I've read paints it as wrong that they would have to be side by side, as if the comparison is a critcism. Others are complaining that by separating the plus size models into a different, special themed issue, they aren't treating them the same as straight size models...the complaints go on and on.

Honestly? I'm just happy to see hot plus size models in cool clothes shot and styled by incredible photographers, makeup artists, and stylists appearing in a major and well respected magazine. I think it's progress. Major progress. So I will celebrate it for that and not get political. Check out some sneak peaks:

plus size

plus size

plus size

plus size


  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger emiene said…

    I think Tom Ford (? could be wrong) raised a good point though, when he recently asked why plus size shoots are always so over-the-top sexy.
    He said they always style plus models like they're tarted up for a saturday night at the local roadhouse, and asked why the message is always Big is Sexy! as opposed to Big is Classic! or Big is Fabulous!
    I tend to agree with him. We are rarely featured, and when we are it's always the same way: tight clothes, lots of skin, lingerie-style, cleavage front and center. I'd love to see us in corporate power looks, glam brunch sets, or a space age theme. just get us out of the cabaret ghetto!
    Another thing: the spread was sooo, so white. One model of color in the whole shoot, and she looked biracial, or at least racially indeterminate. What's the message behind that? Especially in plus modeling, that's inexcusable, because plus size black women are generally more toned and proportional than their counterparts.
    Yes, I was glad for the shoot. But could it have been way better? Hell yes.


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