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Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Where to get what
Although I keep the BPP shopping directory as up to date as possible and with as many obscure random things as you need (plus size karate gi, anyone?) I thought I'd prove it to you with a few of our many obscure finds:

Plus Size Ski Pants
Addition Elle , Canadian fashion chain similar to Lane Bryant, sells a variety of plus size ski pants! The pair below is actually flattering as far as ski pants go, and sells for $99 (Canadian). They do ship to the US.

Large Size Vegan Shoes
So you are looking for Vegan shoes? That are waterproof? And size 14? Oh, and they have to be cute and affordable? No problem. Try these Rain Skimmers from Barefoot Tess. They were originally $70 and are now on final sale for $9.99 in sizes 11-14.

Barefoot Tess Rain Skimmer (Zebra)

Vintage Dress from the 1930s
If you love Vintage, I've got the site for you. Ballyhoo Vintage has one of the biggest collection of plus size dresses I've seen. If you're mad for Mad Men, you'll be able to endulge in enough fabulous 50s dresses to last you until next season. Check out this stunner below, which is, believe it or not, from the 1930s!!! Bust 40-42", Waist to 36", Hips generous fit. Should easily accomodate a size 18 unless you are very busty.

Ballyhoo Vintage Dress


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