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Beauty Plus Power
Beauty Plus Power

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Style for Less than $15
I blog the gamut, from the $900 raincoat to the $20 dress. Today I figured I'd mention Alight's killer clearance sale. They have a whole section of items that are under $15! They are final sale, but for that price, if it doesn't fit, it's no great loss - and surely you can find a friend to gift it to. Here are a couple of my faves:

Plus Size Foiled Again Top

Foiled Again Top, $12.99. Also in grey and white.
The design has some little abstract skulls in it, which I thought were pretty neat.

Plus Size Mocha Latte Top

Mocha Latte Top, $11.99
I'm a little disturbed by the porn star mannequin, but I think the top is quite cute. It's still available in size 1X and 3X.

Plus Size Rising Star Wrap Dress

Rising Star Wrap Dress, $14.99
I love this jewel green color. It looks like you might need a camisole underneath this, but it's an adorable dress, and wraps are usually very flattering.


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