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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fashion in the suburbs
I've been in the suburbs of Westchester County, NY for less than a year, and I love every minute of it. Having previously lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan, you might think my shopping options would be cramped by suburban living. You must be able to get the best clothes in NYC right? Well.... yes.... if you aren't plus size.

Sure, there is a whole plus size floor of Macys, and a slightly more fashion forward Lane Bryant - but those are chain stores suburban folks get too. There are a few boutiques, mostly in Brooklyn now, like trendy Lee Lee's Valise and plus size vintage store Re/Dress, but we aren't nearly as well stocked in fabulous plus size fashion as you'd like to believe.

In the suburbs, I've got Saks, Macys, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, blah blah the list goes on. The Nordstrom's in White Plains actually has a fantastic plus department - not a wide selection but really excellent pieces. Their plus stuff online has always been stellar but they have great items in store too! Here's a fave piece from online:

Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati Cowl Neck Top (Plus), $88
Some of you may feel like $88 is a lot for a top, but this piece is so unique, I feel like it helps shape your wardrobe and style, which is worth it. I also think both the neckline and waist tie are going to flatter a lot of body types.


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