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Monday, July 20, 2009

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll
I went to see my friend, Kara Suzanne headline a show a few weeks ago in the city. Kara sings what I would call, for a lack of a better description, Alt Rock Country. She's fantastic, her voice is unbelievable and her stage presence is just as good. Kara also happens to be a full figured fashionista - not plus sized, but voluptuous - tall and curvy in all the right places. The night of her show she was rocking a funky dress and cowboy boots and it made me think of the country western look that has permeated fashion as of late. It made me want to be the kind of person who could wear this:

Black Russian Top

I don't know I'd go cowboy boots on it, but maybe with jeans, or even white pants (ok, I don't wear white pants, but somebody could, maybe should, with this shirt). I like how it's a little country but also almost a little lolita-esque as well. I like that you could dress it down or wear it with a pencil skirt and heels.

I also like that it is affordably priced, at $39. You can get it at

And while you're at it, go listen to Kara sing and support a great artist.

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  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Kara Suzanne said…

    Hey sweetie.. thanks for the plug AND for coming out.. your dear friend Christina was out the other night so if you talk to her before I do tell her thanks for coming again for me! let me know when you're in the city.. we should do a girls night!! we need to catch up when I'm not crazy at a show.. lots of love to you mama!


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