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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Experimenting with Google UK
I want to keep up to date on the plus size clothing goings-on around the world, as Beauty Plus Power has a lot of international fans, and I've discovered I am way behind the times. I decided to go to Google UK tonight to check out plus size fashion and found all sorts of stores I haven't heard of yet and was reminded of a few I really like! Here are a few favorite pieces I spotted online:

Yours Clothing looks to me like the UK's version of Torrid - affordable, funky fashions with a younger target demographic:

Since I've added Yours to the shopping directory, they do now offer shipping to the US, but its pretty pricy (£10.00 - £20.00).

Loving Pink Marzipan which I plan on adding to the directory this week. They sell designer plus size clothes. I saw Baby Phat on there, which is a US brand, but also some that I didn't recognize like PAS and Soundgirl (which I have now discovered is a NY based brand that sells in the UK exclusively to Pink Marzipan but I can't find yet in the US), which makes the cute shirt below:

Sound Girl Tree Top, 1-4X, £ 35.00

I promise I'll post some non t-shirt UK plus size fashions soon, but I've got to go to bed now!


  • At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Marsha said…

    Thanks for the UK tip it came right on time. I have family coming over from London in September and since they have free shipping in the UK with a 60 pound purchase, I ordered a few things and sent it to them to bring for me :)

  • At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Gillian said…

    Yikes, that Soundgirl t-shirt is almsot $60 US. $60 for a t-shirt?!

    Also, they sell some Soundgirl pieces at Torrid sometimes. Mostly hoodies, from what I've seen. Their stuff is always cute.


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