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Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Navy Jeans Spree
I have issues buying jeans. My waist is something like 14 inches narrower than my hips (translation, I look like a bottle of syrup - very curvy). Almost all of my jeans need to be tailored, and there are some styles I need to avoid altogether. One is trouser jeans, which have the effect of making me look very wide, since they hang straight down from my full hips. Also I don't do skinny jeans - I know some super curvy girls do, but I always think I look like a drumstick in them.

Yesterday I went shopping and tried on like 15 pairs of jeans at various stores and I ended up buying 3 pairs at Old Navy! I NEVER buy 3 pairs of jeans at one time ever. So I am excited, to say the least. And they were $30 a pop. Can't beat that!

Here is one of the pairs I bought, the Sweetheart Curvy:

Women: Women's The Sweetheart Curvy Boot-Cut Jeans - Dark Blue

I bought mine in straight sizes (I was about a 14/16 in them) and I am typically still a little bit plus size in the pants arena, so if you are a plus girl you may fit into the straight sizes. Otherwise, they have plenty of plus size jeans online.


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