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Thursday, October 26, 2006

We love colors! (The tights)
With winter coming, tights are all the rage right now. So I figured I'd tell you about the best place to get tights. It's a site called We Love Colors and its sells a wide, and very wacky selection of tights.

So first for your basic tights lover, we've got the solids. In 45 COLORS!!! Yes, Seriously. Here is their color chart:

Solid Colors

Solid Tights

We Love Colors Solid Tights come in 45 colors and up to a size 4X, which they say should fit a woman around 330 pounds and at least 6 feet tall. Did I mention they cost the extremely reasonable amount of $9 a pair???? I would recommend picking up a pair, or maybe 40! Seriously, even the fabulous Torrid couldn't revival the funk-a-tude of turquoise or hot pink tights!

We Love Colors FishnetsBut that's not all! We Love Colors also sells Fishnets! Their fishnets also come in all 45 colors, but they only come in a standard "1-3X" (one size). This says it will fit up to about 48 inch hips. That means that me and my wide hips might just have to say a prayer to squeeze into them, but there are plenty of plus girls with hips that will fit!

Splash Color TightsBlack Stripe Tights
For you wacky tights lovers, try the Splash Color tights, which come in 11 different patterns, in sizes up to 4X, and cost $12. Or go for the Black Striped Tights which come in 44 color combos, and are available in either 1/2X or 2/3X, also for $12.


  • At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Stacey said…

    Speaking of colorful basics, here's a challenge for you: NOWHERE can I find simple, solid-colored, super-long sleeved t-shirts, similar to this. A bonus would be if there isn't too much spandex in the cotton mix. Any ideas?!


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