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Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Style at Silhouettes! Part 1
Silhouttes is a catalog and website catering exclusively to plus size women, and it's a brand that until recently I hadn't paid much attention to. Someone showed me their stuff recently and I was SO impressed. They are working on a more fashion forward look for their brand, bringing in some younger trends, using plus size models now in their photos, and making clothes that young, fashionable plus women would want to wear. I decided to snatch up a few of the pieces and I am thrilled with what I got. Here are a few of my scores:

Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket

This leather jacket comes in both black and bronze, but I of course snatched it up in the bronze. The bronze makes a real statement - the jacket would be perfect over a dressy outift for a night on the town. The leather is really soft, and the fit is tailored but not tight - more like outerwear than a blazer. It sells for $149 and comes in sizes 12-26.

Velvet Dress with Brooch
Velvet Dress With Brooch

I don't this picture can truly do justice to how gorgeous this dress is. First of all, it fis PERFECTLY. The velvet is not clingy, it just slides down your curves fabulously and shows them up. Second, the ruching detail is super flattering, and the brooch is gorgeous. My only comment would be that girls with large chests may want to take the brooch to get re-inforced (sewn on a little more securely) just to make sure it doesn't come off. Oh and the best part - you can even wear the dress with a regular bra!

My Silhouettes scores were more than just these 2 pieces, but I wanted to start you off with a sampler, and will post more later this week. Coming up: a hot belt, and a delicious pair of sexy wide calf boots!


  • At 10:48 PM, Anonymous feli said…

    Hi, I found you while trolling on the internet looking for a good fashion blog that caters to us Plus sized girls. I love it. I will be comming back for sure!! :*)


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