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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Creative Space
To take a break from my regular posts, I thought I'd show you a little bit of me, or that is, the room I sit in when I do most of blogging. When we moved into our house last year I was so excited to get my own office (we have 4 bedrooms - a big contrast to our old apartment in Brooklyn! and since we currently no kiddies we each got an office). After much thought I painted it a light pink. I am a purple girl by nature and have always painted my creative spaces in that color, but I thought I'd go for a change.

This is the wall next to my computer. I got the mirror for a $1 at a yard sale. The flowers on the mirror are actually fabric pins that I make. I have about 20-30 that I've done so far. I make them to relax, and hope to get good enough to maybe sell them at some point. For now I just make them for myself and my friends. The photos in are of my husband and I at our wedding, and then a little framed pic of my adorable nephew Jonah.

My office

In addition to making flower pins I have also experimented with making flower necklaces. This is my favorite one I made so far. It's made out of necktie I got at another yard sale (um, I love yard sales).

Here is one of my most prized possessions - my Prada shoe (yes, I have the other one too). These shoes were released in the late nineties when I was in college. I coveted them so badly but they were $550, an insane amount of money at the time (ok, still a completely insane amount of money that I can't afford). I thought about them a lot in the years after that. Then when I was in my mid twenties, they re-released these shoes limited edition when the Prada flagship opened in Soho. I got the last pair in a size 8. I wear them on special occasions but keep them mostly on my bookshelf to admire. Naturally, they are on the chick lit shelf.

So my questions for you:
-What is your go-to creative color?
-Do you make anything for fun in your spare time? I'd love to see!
-What's your super special item like my coveted Prada shoes?

Smooches Fatshionistas!


  • At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    my creative space color has been purple too, but when i moved into my house, i painted my craft room blue. what the heck was i thinking? now i end up crafting in my living room, which is purple. go figure.
    for fun i've been making feather headbands lately, and since i own a wine shop, a lot of cork related things. cork boxes, wreaths, boards-whole lotta corks. i'm hoping to get an etsy shop going, but i'm with you on not being sure i'm ready or that they're good enough. in the meantime, i've been selling some at my store. wine and headbands. why not?
    my coveted item is kinda lame in comparison, really. i found this little black cardigan when i went to graceland a few years ago and it has a pop-art print of elvis in his army uniform on the back. it's a little kitchy, but it's so cute and fun and i punk it out and it's sorta like a mullet, you know? business in the front and then an elvis kinda party in the back. its such an odd, quirky sweater and i love it.


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