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Friday, March 05, 2010

Take a Second Look: Igigi
I've been familiar with the Igigi brand for many years but other than a lovely formal dress I wore to my friend's wedding several years ago, I haven't really bought anything from them in a while.

I've been hearing that the brand has undergone a relatively major overhaul in the last few years, so I wanted to check it out again. It looks like dresses are still their primary focus but they also have a few tops, jackets and skirts.

They also still have the absolutely stunning Fluvia modeling for them. I am a big fan of Fluvia, she modeled for Beauty Plus Power from the beginning, as long ago as 2003-2004 and she continues to look flawless today! Also, because of her very curvy figure, you definitely get a good sense of the way clothes will fit on a plus size body.

Some picks:
IGIGI Plus Size Dresses

Top Row
Left:So Talented Dress, $122icon
Middle:Talent & Beauty Dress, $118icon
Right:Exception Ruffle Dress, $118icon

Bottom Row
Left:Savona Lace Dress, $158icon
Middle:L'Amourette Dress, $152icon
Right: Francesca Dress, $162

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Igigi sells from a size 12 all the way to a size 32 (5X)!


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