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Beauty Plus Power

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Moto!
So I guess all of us plus size ladies are going to have to start riding Harleys. Motorcyle Jackets are EVERYWHERE. I called them recently as a spring trend but was only able to find a few examples online. Now, only weeks later they are on every site. And I want one. Is that so wrong? Here are some options:

Plus Size Motorcyle Jacket

The Kenneth Coleiconjacket on the left is not leather, it's denim! It's really cute and currently on sale at Nordstroms, $72 reduced from $109.

The NY Collection jacket from is also not leather, it's a poly/spandex blend and only $64.

I love the slate gray J Jill soft leather jacket but its unfortunately out of my price range at $369.

The three jackets from Evans UK are fabulous, but what else can we expect from Evans? And yes, they ship to the US.

The Lane Bryant
iconJacket is Faux Leather, and on sale from $99 to $69.

Now, this might surprise you, but my choice is actually the Slant Zip Moto jacket from Hot Topic:
Slant Zip Moto Jacket

At $42 its very affordable (yay) and also, and this is my favorite part - made of SWEATSHIRT material!! I like style, but I only do style if its comfy, and this just screams comfort. I also think the assymetrical zip is super cute.

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