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Friday, February 26, 2010

eShakti Steps up their Game
Look at all these dresses and imagine how cool it would be if these came in plus size. Sigh. Wouldn't that be cool? Like, say, if you were a size 24 and you could have one of the dresses below?

eshakti dresses

Well, guess what.... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE DRESSES COMES IN PLUS SIZES! Up to a size 26!! Oh, and even better, every single one of them can be customized for you. All the dresses in my Polyvore are from eShakti. eShakti offers dresses made exactly for you measurements for just $10 more than the standard dress price. Their prices are very reasonable too, all the dresses are under $75.

I have to say that eShakti has really stepped up their game. When I ordered from them a few months ago most of the styles were very classic - which isn't a bad thing, but just more.... standard. But as these styles show, they are really amping up on their current trends.


  • At 12:08 PM, Anonymous LivingPlusSize said…

    I totally agree with you. eShakti has stepped up their game recently, and I've heard a lot of good reviews from women buying clothes there. The custom measurements are incredibly helpful, and the price of their dresses in definitely reasonable.


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