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Beauty Plus Power

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Plus Size PJs at Bedhead
Now that the weather is getting colder, I can't just wear a t-shirt and shorts to bed anymore, I need something a bit snugglier. I am the kind of girl who wears my pajamas in the house as often as possible, I'll often throw them on after work when I get home just so I can feel more relaxed. A lot of times I wear fleece pants and an old sweater, but this year I am planning on checking out some quality PJ options. I am pretty impressed by the selection at Bedhead, the pajamas are really pretty and made of nice soft materials like sateen and flannel. Two things to note that are not ideal: The delivery time for these PJs is 4-6 weeks (perhaps they are made to order?) and they aint cheap - I'm talking $80-130+ for the average pair. But if you think of the amount of your life you can spend in pajamas (at least if you're me) then the daily cost to wear these jammies is probably not so bad.

Check them out:
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Left: Pink Cabin Fever Plus Size Flannel Pajamas, $118
Right: Black Swirl Classic Plus Size Sateen Pajamas, $89

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iconLeft: Wild Thing Sateen Plus Size Pajamas, $138
Right: Blue Hummingbird Flannel Plus Size Pajamas, $118

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