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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's getting cold out, which means we are moving into sweater territory soon. Me, my winter wardrobe is a little boring. It's cute, it's classic, but it's boring - cashmere v-necks and turtlenecks in all the colors of the rainbow. But with solids like that, you really need to make it more fun.

Today for example, I wore a black cashmere v-neck and dark jeans, but I wore a vintage style brooch and big necklace, and I think it created a lot more visual interest to my outfit.

Here are some really cute accessories I saw online that I am thinking of adding to my winter wardrobe:

A brooch necklace - twice the fun! Banana Republic, $98
Women: Brooch cluster necklace - White

Multi-Strand Bronze Bead Necklace, NY&CO, $19.99
New York & Company Women's City Style Multi-strand Bronze Bead Necklace - Brown

V by E a Tessara Brooch, $34.95,
V by Eva

Floral Burnout Jersey Scarf, $10,
Women: Women's Floral Burnout Jersey Scarves - Pink Floral


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