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Beauty Plus Power
Beauty Plus Power

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Go BOLD - Prints in Force
Apparently the plan for early spring is that your clothes should scream out loud. Prints are everywhere, the bigger, bolder, crazier and more randomly placed the better. To make sure this trend works for your plus size body, consider placement and proportion. Since I've got a teeny waist and big hips, I wouldn't splash the boldest part of the print across my booty (well, unless I just wanted to draw some more attention there than it already gets). Similarly, if you're very busty, watch where the layout of a print or pattern falls across your chest to make sure it doesn't get distorted. And for those with tummy concerns, you're in luck, since a lot of these prints will obscure a bit of the roll action!

AGB plus size top, $33NY Collection plus size top, $48

Alfani plus size, $47.99Alfani Plus Size Top, $45

Ny Collection Plus Size Top, $31ny collection plus size top at macys, $48

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