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Beauty Plus Power

Friday, August 28, 2009

Plus Size Clothes at Zappos
So I know Zappos is the go-to place for shoes, what with their gloriously large selection of sizes, styles and price points, and their free overnight shipping (both ways) and their awesome selection of wide calf boots, but I didn't realize they had started selling clothes. And apparently, plus size clothes too!

I saw a few things on their site that I liked, such as this:

Gayla Bentley Tunic Top, $125
Available in red or white, size 14-28

I found the top above by searching their plus size clothing selection. I then tried to shake it up by removing that filter, but searching for size 16, and came across a lot more stuff (note: most of the results were for straight size 16, not a plus size 16, but there are lots of plus girls who fit into straight size 16s on occasion). They must not have their size filters working perfectly, because I came across this adorable plus size dress in this search that hadn't come up in my plus size search:

Gabriella Rocha Portales Dress, $89. Size XL-3X. I haven't heard of Gabriella Rocha but based on her plus stuff I saw online, I like her stuff a lot!

Did I mention that Zappos also offers free overnight shipping on clothes? I can't wait as they get more brands, I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of my shopping from here!

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