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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Beth Ditto for Evans
Plus size singer Beth Ditto has teamed up with UK Plus size retailer Evans to create pieces for their store. What's weird is that Beth Ditto is kind of wacky - like, she is a good size 24 I'd guess, and she wears skintightflourescent bodysuits. And Evans, well Evans is essentially the Lane Bryant of UK. It's a weird combo, and she really did deliver clothes true to her essence. Here are a few of her pieces below:

beth ditto,evans uk,plus size fashion

I'm not so sure I am crazy about them. The dominos dress (which is apparently skin tight) also has matching dominos leggings. I'm all for good self esteem, but I am not sure what plus size woman would look good in domino print leggings. But maybe that's mean of me to say.

I do like Evans clothes overall though. I've seen them in the UK and Dubai and they are relatively cute. US girls can order their clothes through their website

Here are a couple of cute, non-Beth Ditto items:

plus size fashionplus size fashion

Left: Orange Sort Sleeve Drape Top, £35.00
Right: Butterfly Print T-Shirt, £28.00

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