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Beauty Plus Power

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some of my favorite outfits
I've been reviewing old pictures of myself, kind of as a reflection on my weight loss, and I am noticing how cute my clothes are in them. It reminds me of how sometimes you have to get creative with your clothes, or really hunt down the right pieces. Here are a few of my faves:

I wore this on my vacation to Puerto Rico, I am thinking it was summer of 2006. It's a Fashion Overdose top and is so cute. I actually think they still make it - can find it here but its now only available in black. It was very low cut so I wore it with a tank underneath. It can be a little bit gyspy-esque for every day, but on vacation was so perfect. This was before my arm surgery and I really liked that the sleeves were loose and drapy.

Cute Dresses
When in doubt - look for dresses cut on the bias. These pictures were taken in college when I was about a size 16. Back then there were hardly any plus size stores to shop in, so I had to get creative. The dress on the left was from Ann Taylor I think. I love that store, and Ann Taylor loft too! It was a black dress with red velvet burnout and it was cut on the bias, but also lined. Bias cut is when they cut the fabric perpendicular to the line of the fabric. This allows it to have more stretch or "give" than the fabric would traditionally have. But the key is to make sure it is lined, which then gives it a little more padding so that it doesn't show off all the lumps and bumps. I think the dress on the right was Banana Republic. So even though I was a plus girl, I found fashions that worked for me in a straight size store.

If you are under a size 20, chances are that either a top or bottom (or dress) can work for you in a straight size store depending on your shape and weight distribution. Just be brave enough to go in and try things on. Also note that in those pics I had cardigans - that or a little jacket or sweater is a great way to cover up if you feel a little self conscious or if the top of the dress doesn't fit as well as the bottom.

Skirt I made myself
When in doubt - make it for yourself (or find someone who will). I was a fashion design major in college and for my senior show, I couldn't find the right outfit. So I bought this great taffeta with flocked velvet polka dots and made myself a cute formal skirt. It was easy and I felt great in it. You can totally do this! Or find a local tailor who will make things for you - it may cost a little more than shopping retail but you've got something fit just for you! By the way - note the "Mrs. Roper from Three's Company goes to Bali" look I've got my model rockin'. I had some wacky taste back then, still do :)


  • At 9:06 PM, Anonymous BigGirlBlue said…

    I remember I made my college graduation dress in four days because I couldn't find a suitable choice in any of the stores. I was the in between size that didn't fit regular sizes and plus size dress stores hadn't made it up north yet. I had virtually no sewing experience and borrowed the machine from a friend's mother.


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