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Friday, May 02, 2008

Building a Solid Foundation with Gigi's Closet
Now is the time of year when we start wearing less and less clothing, which is both exciting (yay warm weather!) and intimidating (ack, I feel half naked!). For a lot of plus size women, this time of year can be challenging, particularly if you have a very full bust. As you know, "the girls" need to be properly supported, and that can be hard to do in an attractive bra, which is essential for summer wardrobe staples. If your tank top shows a peak of bra under it, you don't want it to be a lame, old lady bra.

That's why I am a fan of They offer a huge (no pun intended) selection of full figured bras that are beautiful and supportive.

I did a quick search on 38DDD just to see if anything would come up (Their search by size feature is one of my favorite things about this site!) and among the results was this:

Fantasie Cally Full Cup Bra - $ 74.00

But maybe, just maybe, you are a 46H (and if you are, my poor dear, how your back must hurt!!!) then you can have this lovely number:

Goddess Georgia Full Cup Bra - $ 48.00

And if you are like me, and possess a middle of the road sized 36C, you have more than 50 styles to choose from, including this one that I am tempted by:

Jezebel Wild Thing Unlined Demi Cup Bra - $ 24.00


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