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Beauty Plus Power

Monday, May 28, 2007

Renewed Appeal of Size Appeal
So I've known about Size Appeal for a long time, and even purchased from it sporadically. But recently at Lee Lee's Valise (which I wrote about in my last blog) I had a chance to try out some of their newest stuff and I have to say I really like it!! It reminds me of a plus size H&M - affordable, disposable fashion in fun, funky colors and designs. These are not high quality long wear garments, they are seasonal pieces - but a cute top for twentysomething dollars, I don't mind! Lisa D (the owner of Lee Lee's) told me she is selling out of the Size Appeal stuff in her store and has had to order more! If you can't get into Lee Lee's to try it on, check out Size Appeal's website:

Left: Acacia Top in Mustard, $29
Middle: Elaine Top in Teal, $29
Right: Joanna Top in Blue, $29

Left: Captivate Dress, Black & Red, $68
Middle: Harriet Dress in Red, $52
Right: Serenity Dress in Black, $49

All available at!


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